Since ancient times, we have learned a lot from nature and wished to get lucky and force from them. We have developed these lucky patterns of animals and plants into motifs of Kimono and Obi (Tie for Kimono), and personal belongings in order to wish a longevity. That is called as "Auspicious Motif", and this time, let us introduce some auspicious motifs from Baccarat.
"Sho Chiku Bai" is one of "Auspicious Motif". Sho=Matsu(Pine) can withstand a cold of winter, Chiku=Take(Bamboo) keeps green, and Bai=Ume(Japanese Plum) blooms flowers. These 3 patterns are symbolized as purity, chastity, nobility, and they had been a symbol of auspicious with all together as "Saikan Sanyu". This custom had been transmitted from China in Nara period(710-784), and they are used as a decoration of celebration and New Year, and they have become as an indispensable celebration patterns. These are often used as auspicious motif of Kimono and Obi. Since the Muromachi period(1336-1573), "Kadomatu" which are combined pines as representing a strong life force with a fast-growing bamboo have been decorated at each house gate in Japan due to celebrate New Year.
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"Ryusui Mon" is a pattern of “flowing water" and this old pattern was found putting on "Doutaku(bronze bell-shaped vessel)" of Yayoi period(approx.the mid-3rd.century B.C. to the mid-3rd.century A.D.). There are many "Water Motif" in Japan, and there are many "flowing water pattern" included sceneries and flowers. "Life is ephemeral and beautiful like the water-flow.", from such a feeling, there is a way of thinking that we should cherish every moment of living life. In addition, "Ryusui Mon" is a motif of flowing water going through a tortuous river, and the purification capacity of water provides "Good Luck" and the chrysanthemum is one of the motif that is the most familiar to the Japanese. Chrysanthemum is reminiscent of the sun due to the petals are put radially and also it’s always ranked as the best flower out of many in Japan. Chrysanthemum is also one of the flower that is very well liked in China. It has been used as one of a Chinese herbal medicine since Han dynasty(206 B.C.-220). Chrysanthemum is treated as Chinese herbal medicine of longevity and immortality connected with Shenzhen-thought at that time. They still have the custom of drinking "Chrysanthemum-Sake(wine)" at Cyoyou Festival appreciating chrysanthemum. From here, there is a sense of longevity, life-prolonging longevity, good health, and removal of evil energy.
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"Lucky Beckoning Cat", as Japanese own character, has existed since the middle of Edo period(approx.1700-1800), but the exact origin is unknown. It is said that the cat which hang up its right-hand(front leg) can beckon "Economic Fortune", and the cat which hang up its left-hand(front leg) can beckon "People(Customers)", both of them mean "Good Luck". From the reason which it had been said the black cat can look even in the dark in ancient Japan, black cat became a symbol of "Good Luck" & "Amulet".
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"Mi"(It means Snake in Chinese Character) which is said a hieroglyphic of representing the shape of the fetus is said as well as indicating the figure of snake creeping out on the ground after the hibernation. "Mi" means " happen, start, determine".  Since an ancient times, "Snake" has been worshipped as "Fertility God" and "Weather God". "Snake" casts off the skin,  so, it reminds us "Resurrection & Rebirth", and also, as it can survive for a long time without eating foods, it has been worshipped as a "Messenger of God", and there are many shrines dedicating " the God Snake" all over Japan, and in addition, we can still see the custom that people put a slough of snake into purse and pray the accumulation of wealth. The feature of "Mi" is passion and curiosity. "Snake" is said that it has a character of implacableness, but it is also said that it doesn’t forget a sense of gratitude and return the favor to the person who helped.
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