Simple modern glass
that can be for everyday use

KATACHI is made up at the concept,"Simple modern glass that can be for everyday use". KATACHI is adopted the traditional technique “Mole” and, it has brightness of handmade with warmth.
Based on motifs of the alphabet

KATACHI is the daily use glass-series which is made by craftsman at handmade with old techniques. All mighty from soft-drink to sake, KATACHI is adopted simple modern design.
This series is based on motifs of the alphabet "(Q) (Y) (V)". Each motif has 3-design, “Grid(Koushi)”, “Twill(Nanamemon)”, “Thousand(Senbon)”.
In 1922, Shotoku Glass started manufacturing mainly light bulbs in Tokyo, before moving to the current location (Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo), in order to begin the manufacture of glass tableware and art glass. With their special technique to make light bulbs, a very thin glass in 0.9mm thickness called "Usuhari" was created by the skilled artisans. You can find the thinness of the side and the bottom of glass look equal! That's the point to recognize "Usuhari" from other thin glass. Enjoy the feeling beer, wine, or sake (Japanese wine) directly running to your throat!