The pleasure of collecting beautiful objects grows with time.
As each new item is added to the collection,
a new chapter of history is created and past and present are connected.
Royal Copenhagen's tradition of Collectibles continues with every passing year.
Each piece represents a little bit of Danish cultural history to treasure,
gracing every home witha sense of time and place.
2014 Royal Copenhagen Collectibles

The motif on 2014’s Christmas Plate is "Hans Christian Andersen" designed by Sven Vestergaard. Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and poet. Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales. The sculpture’s gaze is turned towards the Tivoli Gardens where is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark.
2013 Royal Copenhagen Collectibles

The motif on 2013’s Christmas Plate is The Little Mermaid designed by Sven Vestergaard. In all her beauty and wistfulness, she bids travellers welcome from her abode at the Copenhagen waterfront – the Langelinie. She has risen from adventure origins, namely from her namesake: the famous and beloved H.C. Anderson’s fairy-tale. She was created by the sculptor Edvard Eriksen and has been displayed since 1913. The sculpture’s gaze is turned towards the vista of sea where the majestic Dannebrog, the royal yacht, lays at anchor.