Symbol of auspicious days.
New Year, which is greeted with “Sho,Chiku,Bai”(pine, bamboo, and plum).
The chopsticks of “Chiku”(bamboo) with chopstick rest “Sho”(pine) and “Bai”(plum). Good luck chopsticks set which have all motif of “Sho,Chiku,Bai”(pine, bamboo, plum).
Bamboo of the material are used the one of Kyoto Sagano. The climate of Kyoto is the one of the basin-specific, namely, ‘hot and humid summer’, and ‘harsh winter of flooring is too cold’. It is said that the climate produce high-quality bamboo with tenacity. The beauty of the dignified form made by craftsmen with handmade using the bamboo, is impressive. Due to finish slimming the top of chopstiks, they are easy to use, of course, and you will be surprised by its lightness.
This is chopstick rest set. "Sho Chiku Bai" is designed cute.
Not only festive occasions, they show a happy expression which you want to use every day.
Mr. Takano was the first head of Takano Chikko. Before founding his company in 1973, he was employed by 80 years-old bamboo works shop of Kyoto. He has then moved his workshop to Nagaokakyo-city, where is principal Kyoto bamboo producing district. Still Today, the artisans devote themselves to the traditional items used at tea ceremony, but not only to bamboo works, but also to wood works, Japanese lacquer or maki-e (gold relief), and last not least to the furnishing of Imperial Palace.