On 3rd March, Japan celebrates Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival. Girls receive Hina Dolls as birth presents, which are then used to form a Hina ningyo, a composition to be arranged on a kind of altar or against a backdrop to ensure a happy life for girls. The clothing is inspired those used in the Imperial court during the Heian period (794-1185) and is characterized by the up to 7 layers worn by the empress. In former times, faces were made up with extremely pale colors and eyebrows were plucked, and instead two grey shadows were painted on the forehead.
To coincide with the celebration of Boy’s Day in Japan, Lladró is presenting this third Warrior Boy or “Waka Musha”. In addition of the new armor's colour, in this third piece he has a sword and a saihai, or baton which was carried by the leaders of the Japanese army and used to send signals to the troops in battle.

The wealth of details makes this new Warrior Boy a little masterpieces with which to wish good health and long life to Japanese boys on "Tango no Sekku" the annual Boys Day.
Samurai Helmet 13041
[Limited Edition of 3,500 pcs.]
The white horse of Hope 08577
[Limited Edition of 3,500 pcs]