Cher Blanc is a light, thin, fine porcelain.
Bright, pure white with a high-gloss glaze,
the pattern features a subtle embossed latticework motif
on the rim accented with a scroll and floral border.
The collection “Cher Blanc” for the international market is available in twenty – five distinct items including various sizes of plates, bowls, drinking items and accessories. “Cher Blanc” The ultimate in high-gloss, bright-white tableware realized through the pre-eminence of Noritake’s traditions and techniques. Thin, yet strong, this light and elegant range of tableware has been sculpted taking the utmost advantage of an innovative new porcelain material.
The collection was created with the idea of finding that fine line between modern and traditional aesthetics and the functional goal of being able to be dressed up and dressed down. The “Cher Blanc” utilizes a new material developed to attain the definitive whiteness and glow of bone china, the collaboration of over a century of accumulated craft and knowledge that made this technology possible.