Why is the Japanese lunch box called BENTO
so famous on the world?
What makes it special?
Let's find out what is Bento about!
Probably we can find the answer when study carefully the Japanese culture. Japanese pople care about visual appeal of meal very much, not just only special occasion but daily life as well. Bento has long history and a huge variety, starting from simple plastic boxes to exclusive lacquer-ware products. Nowadays Japanese housewives still make delicious tasty-looking bentos for their children (and husbands sometimes) almost everyday.

Additionally you can go to any supermarket of Japan and will find plenty of meticulously prepared bentos.
Bento called Bento anywhere
France was the first who recognized the beauty of Bento. Pictures about lunch boxes from magazines and books, just like never seen before. Many people get interested in Bento and want to try.
Recently the word „Bento” is the word everybody recognize all around the world.

Not just only French was the reason. Bento became well-known in other countries like Manga and Anime. In Japanese cartoons or movies you can often see the main characters eating Bento, and these scenes leave strong impression to readers in many case. (such as eating Bento at school with friends, making bento for the guy you love, deeply moved by the Bento made by your mother and so on)

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Thai Stainless Steel Seagull
Food Carrier is a popular lunch box in Japan for more than 30 years. Its classic design cannot be out of fashion. High quality stainless steel is resistance to corrosion and staining. In addition the hygienic feature of stainless material does not smell at all, therefore you can use it not only cooking but containing foods.
※Do not use stainless steel products in microwave.