Leading French porcelain manufacturer
Founded in 1826, the Deshoulières Group is today the leading French porcelain manufacturer, a specialist in tableware products. Inspired by trends from both interiors design and fashion, Deshoulières deploys within the tabletop porcelain universe a true and elegant spirit of the style that is synonymous with France.

All their products are in genuine Limoges porcelain; they are fired at very high temperatures that ensure the very high resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks. Non-porous, it neither chips nor cracks, making it extremely hygienic.

The Deshoulières perpetuate ancestral and legendary techniques.
"By designing this collection for Deshoulières, I had the opportunity to give some thought on this particular lifestyle which is the art of hosting. The excellence and the refinement of such a special moment offer a precious occasion to please the people we love. The collection "Memory" is the first chapter of my collaboration with Deshoulières. They join the DNA of The Studio Putman. the eclecticism, which I like to cultivate, authorizes the mix of these two collections by letting to everyone the freedom to compose its set." by Olivia Putman
Imprinted with fruits and leaves, this collection reminds one of the sweet summer times of strolling through the gardens and the joy of picking fruits in the blazing sun.
The interweaving Camaieu of blue and gold/platinum satin calls to mind the imagery of Florentine palaces
A collection inspired from the decorations of a poem manuscript by Saadi in the early seventeenth century. It recalls the colors of the most beautiful saris of Punjab and Kashmir.
Inspired by millennia of Persian and Indian silks as well as the interior decorations of Mongolian yurts. The Ispahan decor invites you on a voyage across a silk road.