This the fourth time in Le Noble web shop, to introduce to our customers a world famous product line from the Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Please welcome the beautiful cutleries of SHARAKU MONO by the SAKURAI manufacturer. In addition this year we got a chance to visit the manufactory and talked to the president personally. Let us tell you that, they are doing excellent work and we are very proud of having SHARAKU MONO in our stock.
Cutlery of SHARAKU MONO - Unite the Eastern and Western Style
The idea of the project of SHARAKU MONO was born in 2000, when a very talented industrial designer Mr.Yamada Komin and a local company of Niigata prefecture started to thinking about a product, which could be attractive for not only Japanese people but foreigners as well.
Creating impressive design is something what Mr. Yamada is doing very well. He was the designer of the kitchen knives of GLOBAL brand, one of the most certified knife maker on the world. His power combined with the high level steel hardening techniques of cutlery maker called SAKURAI, make the SHARAKU MONO is the very best.
*The name of Sharaku Mono comes from Ukiyo-e.
(Japanese woodblock prints and paintings.)
Sophisticated design – inspired by nature
Cutlery makers often focus to create a perfect streamlined design. They can understand only the beauty of the shape. Designer of the world-famous GLOBAL kitchen knives has a very different way of thinking. Mr. Yamada believes that, you have to handle with care of your creation as much as possible, but beyond that, the most important things must be avoiding the excursion and disharmony. He truly made these words into reality. SHARAKU MONO cutlery is perfect for Asian and Western kitchen too.
Feeling different
Designed based on human engineering gives you a very special feeling. You can feel the pleasure of touching through the material and the shape. It’s timeless and unique. Experience a new world in your kitchen and forget about your dominant hand.
Corrosion - resistance stainless steel
SHARAKU MONO is made from 18/10 stainless steel, which means that, the consistence is coming from 18% chromium and 8% nickel. By increasing the content of nickel could reduce greatly the metallic-taste and smell. SHARAKU MONO is resistance to corrosion and staining, it has very strong durability.
Attention: Corrosion-resistance doesn’t mean that, the stainless steel cannot corrode, rust or stain. Please wash after use and avoid storage things rust easily.
The Beginning
Before the final plan of SHARAKU MONO has done, Mr. Sakurai the president of SAKURAI Manufactory had many times a long and deep conversation with Mr. Yamada. It wasn’t so smoothly. Because both of them are professional, they cannot give up easily their opinion. Discussing and drinking sake together several times needed to reach a compromise what eventually could work without objection. But that’s the point. SHARAKU MONO passed all the test.
Mr. Sakurai told us, “Tsubata City is world famous about metalwork techniques and we are very proud of it. In fact, we have to keep continue making mass produce in the same time for survival. But I can tell you that, turn out very high quality product like Sharaku Mono makes really happy us. We would like to continue as long as possible.”
Like the beautiful form of shaking leaves, Series L was inspired by nature. The design became so smooth you can match with bowls, plates even cups or any tableware you like.
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This is something really special. Delicate form of Series K was inspired by slim woman’s arch. Selected materials assure you of high quality.
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Komin Yamada 山田耕民
He was born in Tokyo, 1947
Graduated from Ikuei industrial School with a major in Art and Design Engineering. Studied European design trends under Father Hendrick ( a Belgian influenced by Bauhaus ). He studied the art of model production under Professor Otomaru. , Chiba University. Become freelance in 1985. In 2002, his Global Knife received the Japan Good Design Awaed ( Long-life Design category ) and in the same year SHARAKU MONO was featured in the catalog of the Museum of Modern Art ( MONO ) in New York.
Yoshida Metal Industry Co., Ltd., Global
With the introduction of the GLOBAL line in 1983, YOSHIDA METAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. (YOSHIKIN) led the world in the manufacture and marketing of all stainless steel knives of one-piece construction (integrated handle and blade). Ever since, this concept, and the excellent cutting abilities that these knives possess, have attracted great attention worldwide, winning the highest praise from the most demanding users and launching a revolution that established a new standard for all stainless steel, one-piece knife construction.
Sakurai is a cutlery manufacturer from Tsubame, in Niigata Prefecture, where metalworking technique is worldwide famous. Since its inception in 1946, the skilled craftsmen continue to innovate, while using the latest technologies: hardening the surface of the stainless steel cutlery for the first time in the world, polishing the hardened and decorated surface, developing an anti-fouling. 100% market share in those fields.