This is the one box type including two tiers. You can use them for main food and soup or dessert. Women like the smaller type 10cm x 2 tiers, while man prefer the bigger one, 12 cm x 2 tiers.
Long-seller Food Carrier
Food Carrier is a popular lunch box in Japan for more than 30 years. Its classic design cannot be out of fashion. High quality stainless steel is resistance to corrosion and staining. In addition the hygienic feature of stainless material has no smell, so you can use it for not only cooking but containing foods.
* Do not use stainless steel products in microwave.

Thai Stainless
The maker of Seagull brand is the Thai Stainless Steel Company, which provides high quality kitchen products for very reasonable prices. Besides of kitchen, lots of restaurant, hotel and also hospitals are using their products all around the world.

In the beginning the Thai Stainless Steel Company was making alloy wheels for German vehicle brand Mercedes Benz, what demands high level producing system, great quality and skills.

Le-Noble is the Japanese Distributor of Seagull more than 30 years and it has been imported a huge quantity of goods in all these years. The best seller is the Food Carrier what Japanese people use as a bento box. You can find it on the list of long seller products of Japanese department stores, such as Tokyu Hands or Loft store.

Company Profile
Thai Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. was established
Started a new factory in Prachinpuri Prefecture on an area of more than 100 acres
Received the award of Export Design from Thai Prime Minister
Got the right for using “Thailand Brand” logo, regarding their high quality
First company in stainless steel industry in Thailand to be certified on    ISO9002 (whole-system) by the AJA Institue
Achieved ISO 14001 (whole-system): Standard of Environmental Management
10cm x 2 tiers
12cm x 2 tiers
Classic lunch box style, fit to anybody. You can use it at your workplace or when you make a trip, picnic. It is very light and easy to clean. Additionally it has a small box for dessert or fruit, what you can put into the lunch box after you finished your lunch. It is great choice for your children as well.
16cm (730ml)
17cm (800ml)
This type of food carrier is a really smart one. You can use it for many ways. Certainly it could be your lunch box without any problem but –thanks for its fold clasp - you can use it as a cooking pal as well. Sure enough you can put it into your fridge for containing food and soon after if you want, it is possible to heat up.
12cm x 1 tiers
This is the one box type with 3 tiers, which are perfect for full meal time. There is enough space for main food, garnish and dessert.
10cm x 3 tiers
12cm x 3 tiers
This type equipped with plastic covers, protect for leaking sauces and soups. Originally the idea is coming from customers.
12cm x 3 tiers
Whistling Kettle is very popular item we can highly recommend to you. Its comfortable handle makes it easy to hold. You can use it on electric cookers as well.
1.5 ltr
Spoon not only for Thai foods. It is great for any Asian soups, Ramen or other desserts. Japanese people often use it for eating Tofu.
Chinese Spoon S
Chinese Spoon
They are great for families, parties with your friends or people who like outdoor cooking.
Hot Pod (Wax)
Hot Pod (Charcoal)