Four Seasonal Handmade Glass - Tsugaru Vidro
"Tsugaru Vidro" is a traditional craft certified by Aomori Prefecture in Japan. "Tsugaru" is an old name meaning of western area of Aomori Prefecture which is located in the northern tip of Japanese main-island. And "Vidro" is an old name of glass used from Portuguese which had a limited trade in 16th-17th century.
It’s created from 1500 degrees of furnace. One can feel the warmth of free-blowing glass that is carefully shaped by glass artisans. Artisans are passionately dedicated to depicting nature's splendor in every aspect of their glasswork, from shape and color, right down to the smallest details.
"Hana-Akari" (Flower-Light) means that we can feel a very delicate light even at night when cherry-blossoms are in full bloom. This piece is expressed “Cherry Blossoms in Hirosaki” where is famous spot in Aomori for cherry-blossoms. It’s drawn 3D appearance to each piece by providing many layers of colored glass with gold leaf.
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