The Ultimate Wine Glass
Smooth taste, delicate stem, elegant shape.
Not only beautiful but brings out the best taste of wine. The name is Le Vin...
Every year we go to Europe for meeting business partners and buying new products we think our customers could like.
During these trips, we are welcomed to visit several leading glass manufactories of the world.
We meet sommeliers and professionals of wine culture to share thoughts and ideas about glasses and wines.
We have a very long and profitable relationship with many glass factories.
Using our experience and knowledge we have started to work with one of top glass factory of Europe
and created something very special, called Le Vin Professional.
- Design leads you to the truth taste
Beautiful design was not enough to us.
Beyond the fancy shape we wanted to make a glass
which is able to give you the original smell and taste of wine.
These glasses are very elegant and easy to use them in the same time.
Every piece is carefully handmade.
- 0.8mm Ultrathin
Manufacturing of Le Vin glasses is not easy,
extremely high level techniques of glassblowing are in demand.
Image that thinness of the glasses is 0.8mm, less than 1 cm!
This is what machines simply can't do.
Only sophisticated glassblower able to make it, using hand and mouth.
When you drink from Le Vin wine glasses,
you feel how smoothly the ultrathin glass touches your lips.
Also it helps you to recognize the best taste of your drink.
- Beautiful shape
Beautiful shape makes you elegant.
Holding a Le Vin Professional glass in your hand, feeling glamorous.
It is something what you can never get from an average glass.
We created Le Vin for those people
who really like and understand the beauty of wine culture,
and ready to enjoy the pleasure of wine drinking the highest level as possible.