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  • Wajima lacquerware - Village raised traditional Japanese applied art
The English word "JAPAN" has two meanings: One meaning is, of course, the country; and the other is urushi, lacquerware and lacquer coating . As porcelain is known as China, traditional lacquerware craftwork in the orient is known as japan.

Although there are several lacquerware style in Japan and all of them are beautiful, the most qualified brand amongst them is the “Wajima lacquerware”. Wajima represents the highest level of Japanese lacquerware. Its main characteristic is coming from Wajima’s special making process which is including more than one hundred-twenty stages!

Wajima lacquerware is created through a division of labor to achieve high quality and efficacy of production. Main parts of the making progress are woodworking, painting and decorating. Usually 7-8 craftsmen work carefully until the completion of production. The semi-finished products are moving to one hand to other, people help to each other and working time Wajima looks like one big factory. Division of labor helps to bring out the best in masters and just like in old times, “Nushiya” holds the central place among these craftsmen. Nushiya produces entire processes of Wajima lacquerware and engages in their distribution. Wajima lacquerware has accumulated their trust through direct distribution since the Edo Period.
We would like to introduce to you, elaborated luxury masterpieces of Wajima. Tableware such as wooden bowls and food containers decorated with well polished Makie (sprinkled gold or silver picture) and Chinkin (gold-inlay carving). They are truthfully beautiful.

Than we would like to offer special series as well, which were developed with the help of a cooking specialist for daily use. These items are more simple and inexpensive but still very special way they made. More than forty stage of making process were needed to complete them.

Wajima lacquerware is committed to use only natural ingredients such as wood and resin lacquer are good for the environment and can use for many years. Lots of craftsmen have been working on every piece for long hours, spared no effort. We are a big believer of keeping alive Japanese traditions.

We highly recommend to you to take a try with Wajima lacquerware and experience the finest quality. It is hard to explain only words how sophisticated and elegant they are.

All Wajima products on our website could be purchased even from one piece. Also we are able to undertake repairs if products would be damaged over the years.
Wajima craftsmen were collaborated with a cooking specialist to create a new type of product for daily use, without losing the beauty of Wajima style. This new series called Kawari-nuri and has 40 stages of making process in contrast with the original 120 steps, although still using finest materials and painted carefully. But because of this shortness in manufacturing process Wajima’s product can be within reach for everyone. There prices are lower and also perfect for every day using.

As a special technique of Wajima, the thin parts and joints are strengthened by applying cloth to protect against scratches and damages. This is what they called “Nunokise”.
Akebono painting - Contrast vermilion and black
Akebono painting is an old traditional technique, using vermillion and black colors. Craftsmen use five different types of brushes to get the right balance of transition of color. This technique requires both, great skill and experience.
Wajima chopstick for the whole family
Painted characters on Wajima chopsticks are coming from the Chinese Zodiac, therefore each of them is illustrated with one of the 12 Zodiac Animals. They are available in three sizes (small, medium, large) and four colors. They could be perfect choice for each member of the whole family. These chopsticks are not only beautiful but very high quality and safety products.
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