Sanjo is a beautiful city located in Niigata prefecture, close to the sea and often called as the pride of Japan. These days Sanjo city is still famous about its great craftsmen who are keep traditional techniques alive and pass their knowledge over to next generations. This city was also the birthplace of Suwada company which is very famous about producing amazing nail clippers!

SUWADA knows everything about nail clippers. They are masters of cutting tools. Using high quality materials and skilled hand finish techniques, SUWADA made simply perfect function of nail clippers.
1. Different cutting style
SUWADA Nail clipper has great balance between power and cutting style. It doesn’t glide when you grab the grips and the blades meet so smoothly, you can cut your nails the most perfect perfect way as possible. Best nail clipper ever made!
2. Different material
SUWADA made from high quality stainless steel, having same material like custom and kitchen knives. Please notice that, this type of steel can be easily rusted, compare with average steel. Using rust preventing oil is highly recommended.
3. For a life time
At first look maybe you will find the price quite high for a single nail clipper, but you have to understand the reason behind this. These nail clippers are not mass product. Every single piece was carefully handmade by high skilled craftsmen, in SUWADA manufacture. It will serve you at least for a lifetime!
In 2010 SUWADA nail clipper won the Asia design prize and professionals like nail artist or hospital workers have started to use it as one of their favorite tool. Blade with the nail shape design allows to cut ingrown or deformed nails as well!
Soft Type
The handles are covered with soft rubber for easier use. Maybe at first glance handles are looking quiet big, but in the reality they just perfectly fit to your palms. In 2002 this universal design could receive the Good Design Award and five years later, another different model from SUWADA (metal case type), won the same prize.
Material: High carbon stainless steel, elastomer resin (handle)
Classic Type
This is a very practical standard type, carefully polishing by hand. Trough the hot forging process it has very sharp blade and the satin finish surface helps keep the nail clipper clean. The shape of blade can fit to any types of nail. It is great for cutting your toenail as well. Thanks for its easy use, this classic one is great for those people who want to get a nail clipper but never used before.
Material: High carbon stainless steel
Black Type
This black type is a very popular item. Especially manicurist and professionals use it regularly and they like it very much. Probably the secret is the combination of simple form and fearless black color.
Material: Carbon steel
About SUWADA Manufacture
In 1926, SUWADA started producing hand cutting tools in Sanjo city, focusing on holding feature of the pliers. This kind of specialization leaded to the forerunner of nail clippers, and nowadays the three main pillars of producing has become nail clippers, bonsai scissors and kitchen tools.
Presently SUWADA is strongly focusing on “cutting” as the most important feature of blades. All products are handmade by high skilled craftsmen since the company was established. In 2006, SUWADA was selected as “Design Excellent Company” in Japan.