Listing of western style Japanese tableware brands, one name we cannot miss out, is the NIKKO. After the Second World War product by NIKKO manufacture was spreading into Japanese homes and started influence on culture behaviors.
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NIKKO’s name equal with the high quality Japanese products including one hundred years history. The company was founded in 1908 in Kanazawa and after the World War, it has started to conform products to the new life style in accordance with changing food culture.
(Blue/Red Willow)
“Sansui” is the most famous pattern from NIKKO. It was originally founded in 1780 in England and was loved by western people. In English they called “willow pattern” and it became really popular. With more than one hundred years of history, “Sansui” became one of the oldest design of NIKKO and nowadays collectors are still enthusiasm about it. After the end of Edo-period was the first time in Japan, when willow pattern appeared and soon local manufactures started to produce and export it. Nowadays NIKKO is the only manufacturer producing “Sansui” in the traditional way.
“Sansui” is one of the greatest pattern of 18th century
and it was inspired by a romantic story from China.
”Twigs crossing each other and becoming one tree grew from the earth,
while two birds with spread wings flying on the sky.”
In China, there is a tragic story about two lovers, Chang and Koong-se, who were transformed into a pair of birds after they died. As a symbol of their everlasting love they keep flying on the sky. When the Asian design was getting popular in Europe, a British porcelain manufacture called Minton was the first, who started producing the new pattern in large quantity. Soon after that “Sansui” was introduced to Japan.
Most likely the first willow design was created by an Englishman in the end of 18th century, and the white background with blue foreground including motifs like the two birds, willow-tree and bridge, soon became the characteristic of the pattern.
As Nikko’s most popular collection, Sansui is available on the market from the year of 1915 and over these years it was loved by a great numbers of people. During the making process every pieces treated very carefully and the prints on products look like handmade painting.
Brightly golden lines are conspicuous and painted by hand.
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