‘Kyoto Brand’ at Le-noble!
Gion festival, one of the most popular summer festival
in Kyoto has just started!
City center getting crowded with celebrating people
and Mikoshis (portable shrines) are carrying
through the streets like Shijo,
where one of the Le-noble shop located.
According to the festival,
we've collected the made in Kyoto products
to our customers.
We are glad to introduce to you these lovely
Kyoto items both in our shops and web shop.
If you are traveling in Kyoto this month,
don't forget to visit our Shijo store!
Shippo-yaki (Enamel Cloisonne)
Kyoto cloisonné enamel is the art of applying a glass glaze to metal like silver by firing the piece. In Japan, it is known as kyo-shippo which thrived as decorative objects for Imperial palaces, shrines, and temples throughout the vibrant cultural Azuchi and Momoyama periods (around 1573-1603), during which excellent metal-crafting techniques were developed in Kyoto.
Kyoto ware
Kyoto ware or Kiyomizu ware is supported by the traditional techniques and beauty of the old capital of Kyoto, yet it can still surprise us with its freshness and originality. The brilliance of this ware colors the daily lives of people both in Japan and all over the world.
Chikko (Bamboo)
Kyoto is Japan's leading producer of bamboo and set up in the city of Nagaokakyō is the workshop, Takano Chikko. They produce various daily products from Bamboo, such as furniture, chopsticks, coaster and tools for the tea ceremonies. Their staff cultivates and manages a bamboo forest, as well as cutting and manufacturing bamboo.
Kyoto Satsuma ware
Satsuma ware is a legendary Japanese pottery, which was first produced in Kagoshima prefecture and it became famous for its high-ended style and elaborate flower decors. Kyoto Satsuma was born more than one hundred years ago when Satsuma style appeared in Kyoto, using composition the great artistic sense of Kyoto's cultural bastion.