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  • New Arrival: Rusiian's oldest porcelain manufactory "Imperial Pocelain"
Rusiian's oldest porcelain manufactory, "Imperial Pocelain",
it once was for Rusiian's royal family in Romanov dynasty,
but now to our table.
Imperial Porcelain Manufactory – one of the most well –known manufactures of high-quality porcelain with artistic value. Manufactory was founded in 1744 in St.Petersburg under the decree of Peter the Great’s daughter Empress Elizabeth. IPM became the first porcelain company in Russia and the third in Europe. The secret of Russian porcelain was discovered by talented Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Vinogradov and afterward he wrote a scientific description of the porcelain manufacturing for the first time in the history of ceramics. Today Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is the only enterprise in Russia producing highly artistic works by using unique technologies of delicate hand-painting and hand-molding.
Most unique manufactory porcelain pieces won high awards on international exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Brussels and Vienna. At present time imperial Porcelain is presented in the collections of Major museums all over the world and in private collections.

The heart of the Traditional Collection is “The Cobalt Net” pattern. For many years it has been the trademark design of the manufactory. It was created after the famous Her Majesty’s Private Dinner and Dessert Service made for the Empress Elizabeth I by Dimitri Vinogradov in the mid-eighteenth century.
The list for all items of Cobalt Net

The list for all items of Blues Pink Net
Imperial Porcelain has always been known for its talented artists and craftsmen who have worked at the manufactory.
This tradition is still being very much upheld today, with more than 1300 artists and craftsmen working at the premises where the company was first founded. They are proud of our rich heritage, and they look with confidence and excitement into the future.