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  • [ Factory tour report ] Booming “Mt.Fuji Glass” craftsmanship in Tokyo downtown / 富士山玻璃杯的工场见学

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Booming "Mt.Fuji Glass"
Craftsmanship in Tokyo downtown

Our staffs from GINZA and YURAKUCHO stores, we visited at Tajima Glass Factory making Mt.Fuji Glass, which has been booming since 2015.
The factory is located in Tokyo downtown, Edogawa region, a corner of the area alongside small factories.
It was a hot morning day like summer, and the temperature of the kiln in the factory is now over 1300 degrees. The craftsmen working there must be so hot. What's more, is that it gets hotter toward daytime. Now, it's still May. What will happen when the actual summer comes??? We're just impressed how well they control their health.
The temperature of the room is really hot, but the motions of craftsman are calm and quick without any idle motion. In a moment, a ball of glass heated in bright red, turned into a form of familiar-looking glass.
A series of their motions seem very easy, but it surely is not. We're so amazed by their advanced-skills, producing exactly the same pieces in a short time.
Here is Mt.Fuji Glass making by hand of the craftsmen. The glass having heat inside looks like a living creature.
Now, the cooled glass slowly comes out from the cooler machine. They add the final touch and pack them into the wooden boxes. Then, the glass finally hits our store shelves!
The red glass of a front row in the photo down below, is an overlay glass for making Edo-Kiriko, traditional cut glass. At Tajima Glass, they produce various glassware besides Mt.Fuji Glass. It's said no other factories can make various glassware in one factory like them.
Looking how the glass was made, it came into my mind, that I once heard an announcement saying “Sacred mountain, Fuji is coming in sight in your right side!” when I was in the train of JR Tokaido Shinkansen. This glass surely express the beautiness and holiness of its mountain.
Please enjoy delicious liquor and other drinks with Mt.Fuji Glass, the World Heritage, thinking of skill of Japanese craftsmen… You can see a kind of visual effect by pouring drinks, changes its color depending on the glass contents. Meaning that, if you drink whisky with this glass, you can see the golden Fuji. If you pour red wine, Red Fuji emerges at the bottom of the glass.
What makes it more special, is that the manufacturing process of Mt. Fuji glass has been patented, so no one can make this glass!
At our Le-Noble stores, please try to hold the glass in your hand! Think of your happy hour with Mt.Fuji Glass. It is also perfect for a nice gift. Looking forward to seeing you at our stores!
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