"Tie-Set" collection in HERMES,
is at our stores now.
"Tie Set" is crafted of white and multicolored mixed-pattern porcelain. Inspired by the micro-patterns of neckties, the playful and bold pieces in this collection come in multiple motifs and colors that work together to create an eclectic mix-and-match table setting.
Hermes Tie-Set Mint
Hermes Tie-set Mandarin
Hermes Tie-set Garnet

Established in 1837, Hermes has considerably won the heart of people from all around the world, thanks to its traditional artisan spirit and its playfulness design. It was not until 1984 that the works of Hermes made a name in the world of tableware. By drawing inspiration from its colorful scarf, Hermes has created its own world and offers a captivating collection. Today, it proposes all genre of tableware, including cutlery or glassworks, based on the concept "Joy of dinning table".
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