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  • Aynsley has released new teapots series “England House Teapot”
New Arrival
Aynsley has released new teapots series “England House Teapot” in March 2018.
They are inspired by the actual houses exist in each regions in U.K.
The first two versions are "Manchester" and "Cornwall". It feels like you are actually visiting the area by well-detailed roofs, walls, flowers by the windows.
It is of course capable of serving tea, so your tea time will be much more enjoyable with your family and friends.
Manner house is a large house or mansion in the English countryside, which were often owned by individuals. They are built around north-west to middle-west in England, U.K.
Their walls have individual designs, such as trump design. You can enjoy searching for those kinds as well as football and UK Rock in Manchester.
England House Teapot
Manchester 700 ml
W20.0 x L10.0 x H16.0 cm
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The technique of "Cove" is used as built. 000It consists of clay, straw, small stones, white chalk limestone, and they are layered many times, to become a picturesque villages.
- Wha's "picturesque"?-
It's an aesthetic ideal introduced into English cultural debate in 1782.
Cornwall is a county in South West England in U.K.
It looks like a house from the fairy tale book, but it exists and people actually live in those houses.
England House Teapot
Cornwall 650 ml
W19.5 x L11.0 x H14.0 cm
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2nd Version
The second release of "London" "Cots walls" "Lavenham" and Lake District will be around the summer 2018.

The elegance of "Gold Emboss" decoration characterizes the beauty of Aynsley, which was founded by John Aynsley in 1775, an owner of coal mine of Staffordshire.
The talented artisans devotes a lot of time to each step of process, using mainly their hand. Victoria Queen and the nobles of Royal family appreciated their skillful and traditional techniques, so much so that the production was unable to satisfy all orders. The floral porcelains of Aynsley were chosen for the wedding of Diana, Princess of Wales.
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