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  • Fortune Telling Teacup & Saucer in Aynsley, is at our stores now.
Would'st Learn Thy Future With Thy Tea?
This Magic Cup Will Show It Thee.
Fortune telling tea (tea leaf reading) , was the popular culture started in 19th century in U.K. People read their present to the future by the shape and the position of tea leaves left in the cup. The cup is now reproduced in Aynsley. Find out your future through the cup. What will it be like?
Add little bit of curiosity to your tea time!
About Aynsley
The elegance of "Gold Emboss" decoration characterizes the beauty of Aynsley, which was founded by John Aynsley in 1775, an owner of coal mine of Staffordshire.
The talented artisans devotes a lot of time to each step of process, using mainly their hand. Victoria Queen and the nobles of Royal family appreciated their skillful and traditional techniques, so much so that the production was unable to satisfy all orders. The floral porcelains of Aynsley were chosen for the wedding of Diana, Princess of Wales.
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