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  • The Vienna Rose is an excellent Decor that remains from the time of the House of Habsburgs.
The Vienna Rose or Habsbourg Rose (VRH) is an excellent Decor that remains from the time of the House of Habsburgs. Elegant, simple and still royal piece of artwork. Your best choice for a traditional afternoon tea.
Representing civil grace and modest elegance the Vieille Rose de herend decor is the same age as the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. The version of this decor with green stripes and a central motif was among those especially favourited by the Imperial Court of Vienna.
The borders of the wavy brim of these snow-white porcelains are framed by a narrower and a wider green band with small parsley leafs between them. The centre is ornamented with a blossoming purple rose painted with transparent brushstrokes, surrounded by tiny parsley leafs. This pattern evokes the atmosphere of 19th century middle-class homes with striped wallpaper and furniture, and fine lace table clothes. Its gentle charm and modesty made the Vielle Rose de Herend one of the favourites of Emperor Franz Joseph I, and it is also highly popular among customers today.

Herend Porcelain was founded in 1826 in the small village of Herend, Hungary to produce pottery. The first true porcelain pieces were developed in a very short time and exhibitions in Vienna, London, New York and Paris brought the highest recognition for Herend. Orders were made on behalf of several royal courts and for many aristocrats, both in Hungary and abroad. The names of well-known patterns refer to the first customers, Queen Victoria, Earl Apponyi, the Rothschilds, and so on. Herend was a main supplier of porcelain to the Habsburg Dynasty well. Now, Herend is one of the most famous and biggest porcelain manufactory in the world.
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