Burleigh has been crafting high-quality ceramics in England for over 160 years. Recognised for their dedication to fine craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing, they have been making their iconic blue and white ceramics, using the same techniques for generations. Burleigh is the last pottery in the world to use the traditional and timeless skill of underglaze tissue printing, which is an English process dating back over 200 years.

- Transferware
Transferware is achieved by tissue transfer printing from hand engraved copper plates. Burleigh is the only pottery in the world to still use this highly skilled, 250-year-old process. It gives the best finish, and ensures the quality and individuality of every Burleigh piece.

- Why is the pattern not always the same on my Burleigh Pottery?
Using the tissue transfer printing process which is done by hand, means that there will always be minor signs of variation. This is what makes Burleigh distinct, as it is hand decorated by our skilled artisans for you.

- Why do some items show a join in the pattern?
Burleigh designs are printed from the engraving and come out in a long length of pattern on tissue paper. As each section of tissue is applied to the pot by hand, there is a point where the two ends meet. We try to make this as imperceptible as possible, but joins are impossible to eliminate entirely.

- Why do plates and dishes have slight marks underneath?
These marks are where they have been supported with kiln furniture. Plates and dishes are supported in three spots with pins - this suspends them and prevents them from sticking to each other.

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