Ichendorf Milano
In the beginning ofthe 20th century, Ichendorf Milano founded in a small town near Cologne in Germany and produced valuable decorative worksuntil around 1950, playing a leading role in the industry, but since then, innovative changes such ashigh-grade raw materials, perfection transparency, emphasis on simple shapes were broughtintotheir management. At this time, the challengefor a new modern design available even today's age had already begun.

In 1990, Ichendorf Style Center moved to Milan, and they realized the fusion of Ichendorf Milano's philosophy of tradition and innovation, skilled technologyand modern design, andnowthey arekeep creatingnew and unique pieces to enjoy our daily life.

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Ichendorf Milano

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Ickendorf "Bouquet" Cobalt Blue & White Vase H37cm
¥22,000 JPY
Glass seen in Japan is quite an elaborate instrument who arrived from Italy.