Kinto was born in 1972 at Hikone (Shiga prefecture), specializing in wholesale business and production.
Varied items - such as mug, surikogi (Japanese pestle) and steam pot - are produced in order to enrich and to fun your every day.

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KINTO "Unitea" [Stainless Steel] 55043 Strainer (for L size)
¥1,430 JPY
Table accessories that make the tea scene more convenient and stylish.
KINTO "DAY OFF" Navy Blue 21094 Bottle Tumbler 500ml
¥3,300 JPY
A tumbler that you will want to use not only in parks and outdoors, but also in offices and homes.
KINTO "ATELIER TETE" Off-White 34873 Plate 28cm
¥3,850 JPY
You can feel the traces of the craftsman's handi work, and it is a platter that you will want to take in your hand.
KINTO "Nonslip" Rectangular Tray 32x24cm (S)
¥1,870 JPY Out of Stock / 无库存
Matte non-slip textured tray