Odakodoki / 织田幸铜器
Odakou-douki was founded in 1925. In February 2010 their Japanese style Yukaina nakamatachi (Fun Mates) coaster set won First Prize at the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry National Recommended Sightseeing Souvenirs Awards as well as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award. In October 2013 their Red & White range won the Category Award and the Members Award at the 53rd Toyama Prefecture Design Show. Some 400 years ago in the Toyama Prefecture, Takaoka Copperware established the method for casting metal in a mould. The manufacturing process is divided into several important stages carried out by a specialised workforce. Outstanding skills are consolidated for every stage of the process. They make products ranging from large bronze items including temple bells and Buddhist statues to artistically decorative craftworks such as Buddhist alter articles and flower vases.

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Odakodoki / 织田幸铜器

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