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  • [Notice]Announcement of Costs and CANCELLATION Fees for overseas Shipments. / 国际运输捆包费以及撤销等手续费的变更通知

[Notice]Announcement of Costs and CANCELLATION Fees for overseas Shipments. / 国际运输捆包费以及撤销等手续费的变更通知


Re: Announcement of (1) Reduced “Per Carton Cost” for Overseas shippments, and (2) Additional charge for the change, applied from March 31, 2017.

Dear Customers

Thank you very much for your continuous shopping at Le noble online store.

We basically use EMS of post office for overseas shipping.
After we receive orders from you, we pack the goods and inform you the shipping fee by email.

(1) Per Carton Cost
We would like all of our customers to use overseas shipping more frequently,
so we decided to reduce “Per Carton Cost” to be 500 JPYen per 1 carton from March 31, 2017.
(This charge is for packing materials for overseas shipping and for packing fee.)

 Before [1st Carton] 1,500 JPYen
 [2nd Caron or more] 1,000 JPYen per every added carton
 from March 31, 2017 16:00 500 JPYen per every carton

* "Per Carton Cost" is excluded which shipment in Japan.
* As for the 1st. carton (500 JPYen), we charge it together with your order.
* In case the goods are packed in 2 or more cartons by customer’s request or customer’s order quantity,
  please confirm the total amount by our e-mail which is sent the shipping charge information.
  (In case several orders are packed in 1 carton, we charge to either one order.)

(2) Additional Charge for the change
Please kindly be informed that we will charge you 1,000 JP yen per 1 change from March 31, 2017
in case you would like to change the order/packing details after our notificationof shipping fee.
* Change includes cancellation.

 Additional Charge 1,000 JPYen per every change or cancellation

Intended order
The order for overseas shipment
*The shipment in Japan is excluded.

Application start date
From March 31st, 2017 16:00 in Japanese time.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Le-noble English Online Shop





国际运输是由日本邮政有限公司(JAPAN POST Co., Ltd.)的EMS提供。

(1) 捆包费(国际运输用包装材料费)
 以前 第一箱(基本费用):1,500 日元
 第二箱~(包含第二箱)1,000 日元/箱
 2017年3月31日16時起 500日元 / 每箱


(2) 手续费
如果在运费通知后, 对订单内容/包装内容进行“追加 / 修改 / 撤销订单”时,我们将会另外收取新的手续费。

 变更费用(追加 / 修改) 1000日元 / 每回
 撤销订单费用 1000日元 / 件


2017年3月31日 16:00(日本时间) 开始

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