elegance and luxury come together - Aynsley
When Aynsley was established in 1775, tea was still a luxury imported from the orient with teacups in early porcelain to drink it from. The Pembroke pattern was inspired in the 18th century, by one of these original oriental designs and remains to this day an iconic Aynsley decoration.

Since 1775, Aynsley has established a reputation for outstanding design, quality and value in fine bone china. Using traditional skills in producing fine tableware with a luxurious appearance and delicate translucency. Aynsley tableware offers a wide selection of pattern from the simplest floral designs to our world renowned gold and platinum etched services.
It is a craft, which has taken many years of experience to perfect, creating subtle and elegant designs. To achieve the ultimate luxury in fine dining only the very best materials are used, hand crafted with the finest gold and platinum.