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Terms of Use

Welcome to "". Please read carefully the “Terms of use” before browsing, using, ordering products or service, as a customer of or as a visitor to our Website.
The Japanese version of “Terms of use” shall prevail over English / Chinese version, which is prepared only for reference purpose.
At anytime and in its sole discretion, “” may change or modify any or all “Terms of use”. Your access to our Website after such modification signifies that you will be deemed to have agreed to the revised “Terms of use”.


Although registration is not required to purchase our products, any individual who wishes to become a member must be aged more than 20 years, unless the individual has the consent of the person who has parental authority, or is the legal guardian. Since you are registered as a member, you agree to accept responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and the secret question.
Any liabilities or damages resulting from, or arising out of improper use of your account by the third party, “” shall not be held liable to you, under any circumstances.

New Member Registration of Le-noble

  1. You can get Le-noble’s membership for free!
    No registration and annual fee.
  2. Your shopping becomes more fast and easy!
    You can purchase only by giving your registration number and password.
  3. Get your address book!
    You don’t have to write every time names and addresses, consignee could be registered.
    It is great for those who usually use gift option.
  4. Check your orders!
    You can access for your past order records.
  5. Saved your favorites!
    You can make a list of your favorite products and review them anytime.

*** Please note, service for members is different from Japanese site ( .


After having completed your order, you will receive automatically an email with the details of your purchase. Soon as we pack and measure the weight of parcel, you will be informed about total fee including shipping.

*After you received the goods and for some reason you don’t want or need them, you can send back to us for your own cost. Only in the case of items are unharmed we are able to refund your money.

Le-noble has the right to cancel your order according following cases:

  • Out of stock due to contingencies (money will refund you)
  • Imprecision of your information
  • Intention to sale to a third party is recognized
  • Transgression of our Terms of use or other rules
  • We judge that cancelling your order is appropriated

In these cases, your payment will be refund as soon as possible via bank transfer.

Return and refund

Once your order is sent by EMS (Express Mail Service), you are consequently responsible for any loss, damage or any other harm to the products.
Please open your parcel immediately, check the condition of your ordered items. If you find damaged item (or items), leave the parcel in that condition you received, and contact to your post office within one week.

  1. You have to contact to your post office within 1 week and ask for the damage report.
  2. Please follow the instructions of your post office regarding how to proof your harm. You have to keep the whole shipped item(s) not only damaged item(s) with outer carton to show them.
  3. Take a picture of your parcel showing clearly the damaged item(s) and send to us informing about your loss and order No.
  4. After issuing the damage report, your actual damage cost will be compensated by post office. We will send the replacement (if the stock is available) at your cost or refund to your credit card only for the amount of the damaged goods.
  5. In case of return the goods for customer’s reason, the shipping charge for return is subject to customer’s responsibility. After we receive the goods trouble-free condition, we will refund your order. However we have to deduct all extra fees (insurance, packing and shipping fee) we paid for deliver your order. In addition we will deduct insurance for return and tax fee when customs of return. (In case of return for a part of the goods, the expenses taken only for the return goods is calculated by ratio of the unit price.)
    Note : As for EMS shipping, Claim amount under 20,000JPY is free insurance fee, and in case over 20,000JPY, insurance fee is charged 50JPY for each 20,000JPY.
  6. The returned or exchanged products by customer’s convenience are at customer’s expense.

In following cases, the products are nonreturnable and nonrefundable:

  • One week has elapsed from shipping without contacting us and the carrier.
  • The product is used at least once
  • The product is damaged by the customer under his/her responsibility
  • Foods

All products are inspected by the manufacturer and by us before providing you. Following cases are not considered as defective:

  • Projections and small scratches occurred during the manufacturing process
  • Uneven color and bubbles formed during the glazing
  • The light and shade, the blot or the displacement of the brand mark on the bottom of the product
  • The absence, the warp or the displacement of the brand seal
  • The ceramics, which are made from natural soil, differ in warping, in quantity of minuscule black or brown points, in shade, in shape, in size or in thickness
  • Likewise for glass products; the small bubbles inside the glass, the warp, the balance, the size and the thickness are not similar.

Notice:Please read ”Brand Quality” before purchasing.


For online transactions, you are requested to use PayPal, UnionPay, or Credit card. The credit cards which we accept are: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express.

creditペイパル|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB


Products are sold only in Japanese yen, included consumption tax which is not charged on items for overseas shipping.



Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. and Japan Post Co., Ltd.(Yu-pack) have fixed nationwide flat fee to ¥660 per parcel. However, if you order over ¥20,000 of merchandise in total, without consumption tax of 10%, or handling charges, the shipping is free of charge.
From the time you confirm your order, the shipping takes usually less than one week, except for out of stock products.
Tracking service is available.


The overseas shipping is provided by Japan Post Co., Ltd. (EMS) and the shipping fee varies with the weight. Complete first your order with the purchasing form, and then, the fee and the stock availability will be communicated to you.
Please, refer to this site for the shipping fee.
Track your order via EMS.

Please Note; if there is the Door Code, please be sure to fill it when you fill the receiver’s address. Example of a door code of "2004" being filled in: Digi code 2004. Regarding the Door Code;
If you don’t fill the Door Code, delivery agent may not be able to leave a non-delivery notice in the post box inside the entrance of the building.
Please refer the following webpage to customer that send the goods to France.

Please note, depending on your country of residence, shipments may incur separate charges such as import duty, VAT(value-added tax), or customs duty.

And other charges are down below

① We charge “Per Carton Cost” in addition to the shipping charge which ship the goods outside Japan.

 Per Carton Cost  500 JPYen per every carton
 Additional Charge  1,000 JPYen per every change or cancellation

* "Per Carton Cost" is excluded which shipment in Japan.
* As for the 1st. carton (500 JPYen), we charge it together with your order.
* In case the goods are packed in 2 or more cartons by customer’s request or customer’s order quantity, please confirm the total amount by our e-mail which is sent the shipping charge information. (In case several orders are packed in 1 carton, we charge to either one order.)
* We additional charge you 1,000 JP yen per 1 change, in case you would like to change the order/packing details after our notification of shipping fee. (Change includes cancellation. )

See more details >>

② A fee for customs clearance

Japan Post will require a fee for customs clearance to an international package which value exceeds 200,000JPY, from April 1st 2017.
So we will charge “customs clearance fee” in addition to the shipping charge as follows.

  For over sea’s package
  which contents value
  exceed 200,000JPY
 2,800JPY / per package(※1)
*Regardless of the number of items contained in the package(※2)

(※1)You are exempted from paying tax on fees for import or export declarations.
(※2)The number of items refer to the number of columns as set forth in the Basic Notice 18-1 of the Customs Business Act.

This will be automatically charged together with your order.

See more details >>

*** Customs Clearance Fee, Customs Duty and Consumption Tax for International Mail
When postal items are sent to and received from abroad, you may be subjected to customs duty as well as consumption tax according to the sum and quantity of the content.
Additionally, the postal entity of the destination country may charge customs clearance fee.
Please be informed that paying the relevant taxes is the responsibility of the recipient.
Please contact the customs office at your country for more details.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to our Privacy Statement.


This site and all information contained therein are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, as to the operation of these sites or the information, content, materials, products or services included on these sites.
You expressly agree that use of these sites, including all content and data, is at your sole risk and responsibility.
“” disclaims all warranties, express or implied, for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or operability or availability of information or material on the Website.
All products, purchased on sites of the third party, are not our responsibility. Please use therefore those sites after reading and understanding their terms of use, privacy policy and other rules.

Limitation of liability

We will be liable up to the amount equivalent to the sale price of the product, which has caused you any damage and/or loss, attributable to our intentional misconduct or negligence.

Prohibited matters

  • Any acts which violate the law
  • Any acts which infringe the intellectual property or other rights of and Le Noble Traders Co., Ltd.
  • Any acts of slander
  • Any orders without intention to make payments
  • Provide false information, browse our website usurping the third party identity, resale our products and any other harmful acts.

Termination of services

This “Terms of use” may be changed or suspended without notice and at its sole discretion at any time for any reason.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Without regard to its conflicts of laws provision, the “Terms of use” as well as any transactions and disputes arising from our Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan and the Kyoto District Court shall be the court of first instance having exclusive jurisdiction.


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