Vittorio Martini
Vittorio Martini 1866 is a family owned company, passed from a generation to the newer one: the third generation. Today, the production has been expanded beyond just the technical drawing instruments to the wider field of objects for professional people that work… or as Barbara, CEO of Martini, says “high-end toys for grown up people that work”.
In this sentence lives the philosophy and Company’s mission: perfection stays to quality as irony stays to emotion.
A product must be as functional as perfect but it also has to give emotion and pleasure to whoever uses it and chooses it.
They therefore dedicate much energy, emotion as well as research in order to convey and propose not just quality products but also the feeling of having a “special” product in ones’ hands.

In its 147 years of activity, Vittorio Martini has developed, specializing in the production of artisan tools for measurement, calculation and design, elegantly shaping a valuable material such as wood and turning it into refined tools for writing, design and precision: essential work instruments for all expressions of manual skills and creativity, where instinct retains its freedom.

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