Liuligongfang / 琉璃工房
Liuligongfang was established in Tamshui, Taiwan in 1987 as Asia’s first Liuli workshop and stands today as Asia’s largest Liuli arts brand.
Loretta Hui-shan Yang and Chang Yi are the co-founders of Liuligongfang and lead the brand as Creative Director and Brand Manager respectively.
In the span of twenty years, Liuligongfang has opened the doors for and given new life to the lost art of Chinese Liuli. Through untiring experimentation, Yang and Chang went from pâte-de-verre novices to experts in the field. Their emphasis has always been on Chinese culture and history and in terms of the value of craft, has always insisted on a hands-on approach.
Liuligongfang collection was once bestowed upon VIP members of the Annual Academy Awards and Grammy Awards.

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Liuligongfang / 琉璃工房

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