“INLAY” work is a one of the traditional crafts of Italy succeeded since 6-7 century which is said that Sorrento near Naples is the birthplace. They use a variety of wood, such as walnut, lemon, olive and they create one and only beauty beyond our imagination by inlaying with each wood color combination. “GIGLIO” is just located in Sorrento and their studio is succeeding the history and technology of “INLAY” to posterity.

The process of “INLAY” is as follows.
  1. 1. draw a rough design on wood
  2. 2. carve the design and take out small piece
  3. 3. inlay another wood piece in another color there
  4. 4. paint special varnish on the surface to create particular brilliance and the beauty of wood grain is highlighted
  5. 5. finish polishing and blushing with great care

These processes need much time and great care, so only limited craftman can treat these small wood pieces.
Especially in GIGLIO, they are challenging to new works, for example, they recreated paintings of Gogh and Dali with their extreme precision technology by “INLAY”.

Their motifs and elegant, gentle colors inspired from nature are like very Italy. Please enjoy your elegant time with this art of Italy.

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