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Satsuma kiriko are the products of crystal cut glass including 24% - 25% lead. First, we put colored glass on clear glass, and made cutting on surfaces. After that, they are polished characteristics are the thickness of the colored glass (1 mm - 2 mm) and the gradation made by cutting on the border of the layers between colored glass and clear glass.
But it is very difficult to put colored glass equally are over a surface of clear glass. And many skills are required for the cutting moreover, mass-production by machine is impossible, so, most of the processes are done by handwork.

The history of Satsuma kiriko
Satsuma kiriko is the name of the crystal cut glass made in Kagoshima prefecture. (Kagoshima prefecture was called Satuma in the Edo period.) Shimadzu Narioki(the 27 th feudal Lord of the shimadzu family in Satsuma) needed to produce the glass products for medicine, and invited the craftsman of grass, Yotsumoto Kamejiro from Edo. Narioki started the development and production of the hard glass first in Japan.
At the same time, Kamejiro was requested to cut glass. After that, Shimadzu Nariakira, the 28 th Lord, who company with Siebold. The German doctor and natural historian, and learned much about the civilization of Europe, planned the further progress of the crystal cut glass in 1851. Shortly afterwards, He succeeded in producing the red crystal cut glass. Thanks to the red color of the dark and semitransparent glass, the name of Satuma kiriko sprung into fame. However, after nariakira died, the glass factory at iso area was reduced. (Nariakira had established factories and laboratories there.) Moreover, because of Satsuei senso (the battle between Satsuma and England) in 1863, the factory was destroyed completely.
About 120 years after that, Satsuma kiriko was restored at Iso area in Kagoshima in 1985. Our company, Satsuma vidor co., Ltd. was established in 1994 by some of the craftsmen who had engaged in the restoration. Now, besides the restoration, we make many types of original glass products and are highly appreciated within and without Kagoshima.

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Satsuma Vidro / Satsuma Kiriko Flashed Glass 'Yarai Nanako-mon' Indigo Blue Sake Cup
Satsuma Vidro / Satsuma Kiriko Flashed Glass 'Yarai Nanako-mon' Indigo Blue Sake Cup
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Inoguchi's deep, deep indigo color tickles japanese aesthetics.