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  • Colin-an (Arita porcelain made in Saga, Japan) / 古琳庵

Colin-an – Masterpieces by Tatebayashi Hirohisa (Arita Porcelain) / 古琳庵
"Painting on white porcelain is something like dress up it in kimono" – sounds the famous motto of the founder of Colin-an porcelain. He started his studies under the 12nd grandmaster of Kakiemon style, a legendary Japanese pottery brand with 380 years old history. He opened his manufactory in the town of Arita in 1979 and was practicing porcelain painting in his whole life, for 70 years. Colin-an is one of those very few porcelain manufactories in Arita where the products are made from Japan's first rate kaolin, called Amakusa. Currently made masterpieces by Colin-an can fit to nowadays interior, and bring some very special and unique feeling to our daily life.

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Colin-an (Arita porcelain made in Saga, Japan) / 古琳庵

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