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Sakai Soichi is a legendary Japanese knife maker based on 600 years of tradition and history. The techniques what Sakai’s blacksmith are using for making knife, are coming from the techniques of making Japanese sword. Amazing sharpness, precision and beauty, these features are the reason why Sakai knives have such a big reputation all over the professionals. In fact, 90% of the Japanese chefs are using Sakai knives in their kitchen!

- For those who are concerned about quality
Obviously, Sakai Soichi knives have higher price than mass-products on the market, but if you take care about them and sharp them, they will serve you for your whole life! Japanese people often pass them from one generation to the next one. Sakai Soichi knives are sharp enough to cut without damaging the cells of cooking ingredients. A single knife can make cooking more fun, foods more delicious and let you get done things fast. It could be perfect choice for professionals or anyone who loves cooking or looking for a reliable kitchen knife.

- History
Japanese chefs use Sakai knives
Professional chef people in Japan are using Sakai knives. This comes from exquisite sharpness woven by fire, iron, and human craftsmanship, together with a relationship of trust toward Sakai knives built over a long period of time. The city of Sakai provided a setting for the dawning of Japan. A settlement was already active there by the middle period of the Yayoi era roughly 2,000 years ago, and stone knives were in use. It is said that the first tools to be used by humanity’s ancestors were knives.
1573 saw the beginning of production in Sakai of tobacco knives used for chopping tobacco leaves. The monopoly sale of these knives, marked with the seal of Sakai, by the Tokugawa Shogunate spread the sharpness and renown of Sakai knives throughout Japan. Nothing can match the sharpness of tempered steel. As the result of 600 years of tradition handed down unbroken to the present day, Japan can face the world standing proud of its production of Sakai knives.
Similar to Japanese swords, Sakai cutlery is also produced through a process of forging. The features of Sakai cutlery are rooted in superior metalworking and sharpening techniques. This is a traditional characteristic of Sakai cutlery, recognition of which has resulted in designation as a traditional craft product by the Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

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