Hakuichi / 箔一
Kanazawa prefecture produces 99% of domestic gold leaf and 100% of domestic silver leaf and platinum leaf. They're called "Kanazawa haku" and it's well known as Japan's designated traditional handicrafts.
In 1979, the story of Hakuichi started as a company of Kanazawa gold leaf craft. They were the first to start this business in Kanazawa, and that’s how they named “Hakuichi” since “HAKU” as gold leaf, “ICHI” means the first one.
Not only inheriting tradition, but also creating new modern style. They are now expanding their filed in architecture, such as hotels, restaurants and stations.

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Hakuichi / 箔一

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Hakuichi / Gold Leaf
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf "Kodai-haku / Ancient Foil" Gold x Black Modern Oval Tray 44x19cm
¥4,950 JPY
Hakuichi original Kanazawa foil "Ancient Foil" series tray.
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf "Kan-nyu / Crack" Gold & Clear Tumbler (L / set of 2)
¥8,800 JPY Out of Stock / 无库存
Drop light with broken gold leaf patterns, giving elegance and comfort.
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf "Kan-nyu / Crack" Gold & Clear Cold Tea Cup & Wooden Tray (set of 4 for 2 people)
¥13,200 JPY
Broken gold leaf decoration light, elegance and comfort to give cold tea set
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf
Hakuichi / Gold Leaf "Golf" Gold Ball & Tee (set of 3)
¥3,850 JPY
Competition for a commemorative gifts and prizes for the light set of Kanazawa gold leaf shining surface-coated golf balls and tees.