Crystal Prestige
On metal fittings the goldplating is between 22kt/24kt. On the glass parts the goldplating is 24kt.

Crystal Prestige history: Mr. Franco Marchi is the owner of this small firm. Since when is was a boy he started working at RCR-CALP (former La Piana Crystal) where he remains for over 30 years. When at RCR he was
involved for the production and commercial activities. In the meantime, his wife Ms. Luciana, opened a gift shop right in the center of Colle val d'Elsa, selling crystal products purchased from RCR. The shop's name was CRYSTAL PRESTIGE. In the meantime, after his daily working time at RCR, Mr. Marchi started his own separate business in trying to create gift items through the use of RCR crystal components assembled with metal fittings. These metal fittings were made by an expert young artist Mr. Fabrizio Petri located in Volterra (the land of the famous alabaster sculptures). Mr. Marchi also started in decorating crystal parts like stemglass, tumblers, bowls, etc. through single decorators working in Colle val d'Elsa area. Also cooperating with crystal hand cutters. After he left RCR he started his new activity with his own laboratory and assembling room. Name of his company is CRYSTAL PRESTIGE.

He is a deep expert of crystal as well as everything is concerning gold/platinum decorators, crystal cutters, artists re metal fittings, etc.

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