Commemorate 260th anniversary Collection of Wedgwood has been introduced and now it is with us!
2019 marks the 260 th years since Wedgwood was established. They continues to be renowned for quality and innovative British design, bringing a timeless elegance to today’s modern home.
Gold Columbia
The Gold Columbia is one such striking pattern, originally created by Thomas Allen in the 1880, which draws inspiration from the Classical world with mythical winged dragons, blending this with delicate florals to create a quintessentially English design with timeless, elegant appeal. Smooth and silky, painted the design in 22ct Gold and stamped“CELEBRATING 260 YEARS 1759-2019”in the back.
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Wild Strawberry Gold
The Wild Strawberry Gold collection to mark 260 wonderful years of Wedgwood, Wild Strawberry has been given a modern fresh feel to its natural theme with the addition of gold foliage and delicate butterflies.
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Florentine Turquoise
Miniature Tea set
The Florentine Turquoise collection features a wealth of delicately hand-rendered motifs set against the clarity of white, fine bone china. A truly glorious collection with a heritage stretching back seven decades.
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Wild Strawberry Casual
The Wild Strawberry Casual is perfect for the daily life. No gold line , that makes it usable in the microwave.
It will give you comfortable and enjoyable tea time anywhere you are.
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