Shape that is created for its basic functions has its own beauty, and brings even more enjoyment to your life. Materials indigenous to our climate; their power of wisdom and skills carried over from the past; new designs entered from all parts of the world and the traditional crafts from various parts of Japan jointly come together - that is YOnoBI, or the beauty in practicality. This is a global project to create a brand for a system, which develops next generation products.
They aim to create a stage for traditional crafts and designers to collaborate and distribute products that meet the needs of global market.

Traditional Crafts
YOnoBI offers a wide range of products collaborating with a variety of Japanese traditional crafts such as ceramic, lacquer, metal, textile, paper and wood. Feel the warmth of handmade crafts and its authentic presence.

Designers in Japan and from overseas work with YOnoBI and develop completely new products that crfeate harmony with modern lifestyle.

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