Amira Porcelain Manufactory represents the top of the top. They create a truly exclusive china manufacture with custom-made design and production for their clients with the most refined tastes and highest quality demands. Their motto is “for us nothing is impossible – knowledge and experience of several decades guarantee that.
Amira is a word with an Arab origin, a beautiful female name, means a princess.

Master Painters of AMIRA
Balazs Steszli
Balazs Steszli started painting porcelain in Herend in 1993.
In 1999 after years of hard work, he was entitled to signing his works in the Manufactory of Herend Porcelain.
From the beginning he was very interested in learning about deepest level of porcelain painting, therefore he took part in many painter and art seminars all over Hungary and other countries. Balazs has great knowledge about art and different cultures, he was one of the most experienced painters in Herend.
Since 2000 he has been working as a Master Painter. He has created several new plan for market of Asia, Middle East and Russia. One of his greatest masterpiece was a porcelain sword, as a special limited edition of Herend, which was purchased by a Japanese customer. In 2003 he was awarded the Best Painter of Herend Porcelain.
He is the founder of Amira Porcelain Manufacture.

Zsolt Steigervald
Zsolt Steigervald started working at Herend Porcelain Manufacture in 1992 and became very rapidly one of the top-painter. Because of his outstanding expertise, he got a chance to learn special painting techniques like “under glaze” or “sinking glaze”, what only very few painters able to do.
In 1996 he got the master painter degree of Herend and made several unique masterpieces. Satisfied customers like the Sultan of Oman and Prince of Monaco made his name more famous. In the year of 2006, together with other ambitious master painters of Herend, they established a new workshop, called Amira Porcelain Manufacture. He made lots of exclusive pieces for art lovers of Arab world.

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Amira "Camel" [Le Noble Special Edition 25] تمثال جمل رسمت Animal Figurine H20cm *
¥165,000 JPY ¥66,000 JPY 60%OFF
Special Offer : until MAY 30, 2024 at 9:59 JST
There are only 25 pieces in stock, as a limited edition of Le Noble.