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Storage Container / 容器

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KINTO "DAY OFF" Navy Blue 21094 Bottle Tumbler 500ml
¥3,300 JPY
A tumbler that you will want to use not only in parks and outdoors, but also in offices and homes.
Royal Copenhagen
Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted Mega" 2381224/1028379 Container 15.5xH7cm
¥18,700 JPY ¥16,830 JPY 10%OFF Out of Stock / 无库存
Canisters/containers for storing sweets and accessories.
Royal Copenhagen
Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted Mega" 2381195/1028381 Cookie Jar H17.5cm
¥29,700 JPY ¥26,730 JPY 10%OFF
It is very active in various scenes of the house such as the kitchen and the living room ~ With a lid accessory case ~ .
Arabia "Moomin Special - Friendship" 1020102 Jar 1.2L *
¥9,350 JPY ¥7,480 JPY 20%OFF Out of Stock / 无库存
Solia "Kilner" BU60000FF Tradition Jar 45ml (S / set of 6) *
¥1,650 JPY Out of Stock / 无库存