Kalocsa Porcelain / 考洛乔
Kalocsa is little lovely town very close to the River Danube, almost one of the oldest place of Hungary. It is belong to those few cities where the people still take care about traditions and not forget the Hungarian culture.

Kalocsa Porcelain Manufacture was founded in 1971 and has since strived to preserve and promote the several hundred year old, world famous, folklore heritages of Kalocsa and surrounding areas through porcelain painting. The company works now independently and is owned by its workers. Besides painting, they have grown to encompass the entire process of porcelain production and today the majority of our white porcelain is made also here.
Presently, the Kalocsa Porcelain makes over 300 different hand-painted tableware sets and decorative items for customers and gladly paint also unique, personalized items on order. Products you can find below not only make your special occasions magical, but are also perfect for everyday use.

The products of the Kalocsa Porcelain Painting Manufacture have been featured by the media several times nowadays. Also Prince William and Princess Catherine appreciated the tea service decorated with beautiful old Kalocsa motifs which was sent to them by Kalocsa town to congratulate on their wedding.
McLaren pilots Louis Hamilton and Jensen Button were presented with hand-painted porcelain cups by the Kalocsa delegation attending the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2011.
In 2012 Tamás Nádas stunt pilot world champion flew the Kalocsa folk art motif up to the sky and at the World Championship organized in Hungary he could step on the first place on the winners’ stand in his overalls decorated with the same motifs.

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