Bubo scandiacus
Owl is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, they are one of the most spiritual animal on this earth. Owls are famous about their vision and hearing, ability to see hidden things and understand different worlds. It doesn’t matter we are talking about western culture or Japanese culture, owls are well known as a very mysterious animal. Back to the ancient Greek and you will find stories about Goddess Athena was a big believer of owl cult and still nowadays, there are many people who strongly believe the power of owl. Japanese people respect owls as a symbol of happiness or good luck, and often present as a souvenir to each other.
This snow owl is a very unique masterpiece. It represents the power of wisdom but in the same time doesn’t take too seriously the things. It is able to something what very few human beings can: smiling all the time. Good days or bad days, doesn’t matter. This snow owl will keep smile all day long, every day.
It was created by step by step and took lots of effort and energy to get right balance and make it realistic. Amira’s sculptures and painters were studying carefully the movement of snow owl and make lots of sketches and prototypes. You will not find anywhere this porcelain figure neither similar one. This is original, unique, brilliant and only able at le-noble stores.
W12.0 x L18.0 x H16.0 cm
64,800 JPY
Amira Porcelain Manufactory represents the top of the top. They create a truly exclusive china manufacture with custom-made design and production for their clients with the most refined tastes and highest quality demands. Their motto is “for us nothing is impossible – knowledge and experience of several decades guarantee that.
Amira is a word with an Arab origin, a beautiful female name, means a princess.