SABAE – The holy land of eyeglasses
Sabae is a colorful city in Fukui prefecture where we can find 200,000 azalea flavor and sakura trees against 68,000 people, Japan's largest number red panda in the Nishiyama park, Italian design for local products, and a strong focus on the accumulation of techniques under the name of 'Sabae techniques'. More than 600 eyeglass-maker has been working here. They say this is the holy land of eyeglasses.
About the company
KISSO was established in 1995 as a trading company in Sabae city and it was specializing eyeglass materials. The CEO, Matsuro Yoshikawa was growing up in Kawawada area in Sabae, the center of eyeglass makers. In that time, the titan as one of the essential material of eyeglass producing was difficult to elaborate and the local manufactories were in the lack of component machines. Yoshikawa recognized the importance of material supply system and started to import machines from Italy, French and Germany.
After spending long years in the business and getting a deeper understand about spectacles, he took the production in an entirely new direction and Kisso started to produce different forms of eyeglasses.
Italian Design
Mazzucchelli is the head of a group of industries operating in the optical field supplying sunlenses, optical quality sheets, and metal components. Nowadays Mazzucchelli 1849 is the most qualified partner for the best known fashion designers and brands worldwide. Since the beginning of its activity, Mazzucchelli 1849’s target is to grant customers a creative and commercial global service through its Product Development centers located in Italy, United States and China. Productions are located in the two specialized optical districts in the world, Italy and China. Today’s Company mission is to strengthen its global leadership in this field, investing more and more resources in service, creativity and technological innovation.
Cellulose acetate a plastic material traditionally used in the production of spectacles and sunglasses. Mazzucchelli is the worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of this kind of acetate.
Cotton-derived resin
Acetate is a plant fiber, made from cotton and high-grade pulp. Just like the resin, it is not a synthetic material.
Regarding the eco-friendly nature of the acetate, you don't have to be worry about allergy signs on your skin. As a plant fiber it also friendly to the environment.
Infinity color variations
Production progress of the cubic constructed products allows the color variations without limits.
High degree transparency
Transparency features of the material make beautiful, vivid colors to the products.
Variety of forms
Just like the wood, plant fibers are easy to cut. Over 60C, it could be bend or twist easily.
Difficult drying and handmade process
Getting the fully finished product is a very long process. Image that, 1mm takes 1 week to get totally dry. As an example, making an eye-glass (6mm x 4mm) takes two months.