Tajima Glass Mt. Fuji Glass
  • Rock Glass
    Φ92 x H 95 mm, 280 cc
  • Tumbler Glass
    Φ76 x H150 mm, 380 cc
The Traditional Arts and Crafts
designated by government and Tokyo.
By using the traditional glass arts flexibly, the skilled glass-craftsmen have made it possible to enclose Mt. Fuji, a World Heritage site, in the glass. This Mt. Fuji changes its color depending on the glass contents. If you drink whisky with this glass, you can see the golden Fuji. And if you pour red wine into it, Red Fuji will emerge at the bottom of the glass. The manufacturing process of Mr. Fuji glass has been patented, so no one can make this glass.

Mount Fuji, the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan, is loved by the Japanese people. It is a well-known symbol of the country and highly respected since ancient times. It was added to the World Heritage list in 2013.
According to four seasons, Mount Fuji looks beautifully in different colors and many great artisans were inspired by it, like the world famous Ukiyoe artist, Hokusai.
Fuji-san also often used as a motif on ceramic plates, glasses, and interiors.
Would you not like to get your own Mount Fuji? Using as a great interior item to make your room more beautiful? Now, you have the opportunity. You will love it!