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  • Noritake My Neighbor Totoro Collection 则武 吉卜力工作室 龙猫/豆豆龙
One of the most be-loved Japanese animated fantasy film, "My Neighbor Totoro" by Studio Ghibli is in tableware.
Fine bone china, beautifully shine in white, various items for daily-use. Totoro will give your table comfortable and enjoyable time with full of smile!
Copyright© Studio Ghibli / Manufacturer NORITAKE 版权 Studio Ghibli 企画/吉卜力工作室・则武
This is authentic Neighbor Totoro licence item by Noritake
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About NORITAKE / 则武
Under the passion of the founder, who wished to produce beautiful and exquisite porcelain in Japan, Noritake was founded in 1904, and ten years later, the first Japanese dinner service has came into being. From the United States to the world, a kind of top Japanese brand has been appreciated and it has called friendly as Noritake China.
Noritake's item is not limited to tableware such as cup and saucer set, it has also large lineup and also the reproduction of Old Noritake is appreciated by antique art collectors.
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“想在日本制造出美丽精致的瓷器",以创业者的热望为底色,1904年,Noritake (株式会社则武) 诞生了。1914年 (大正3年) 制造出了日本第一套晚餐系列餐具。其后,由于向美国出口的日本制造西餐具销路大涨,Noritake (则武) 最终以“Noritake China"的爱称成长为世界闻名的品牌。
  Noritake (则武) 的餐具与室内装饰除杯具&茶托等餐具以外也拥有广泛的产品线,考虑到日本的生活方式而面世的餐具和Old Noritake (为面向海外的“新艺术art nouveau"设计风格,仅制造于从1880年左右至1930年左右的短暂时期。) 的复刻商品正可谓是艺术之作。