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  • "SOMALI" - 100% Pure Soap by Vegetable Oil / 来自100%纯天然植物油
A soap manufacture "KIMURA SEKKEN" who has long history and tradition, have developed a new brand. "SOMALI", boiled in a caldron, made by 100% pure vegetable oil, natural material of color and aroma.
- 100% Pure Soap by Vegetable Oil
This is made by the traditional way, "caldron boiled stle", which pure soap boiled in a big kettle taking a long time. The pure soap is good for health and eco-friendly since it's made by vegetable oil, such as an orange.
A soap is resolved once it's washed in water, but can't compete artificial detergent when it comes to the detergency.
KIMURA has researched the ingredient of soap so hard, and they succeeded to invent the one with high-power detergency. Ego-friendly to the environment and human. That's their concept of this brand.
- SOMALI一词源自日语材料本身。
- Traditional Style Over 90year of History
Many of soaps in the our market import the ingredients and blend with aroma in Japan. The soap they make, however, is pure "Made-in-Japan".
Their manufacturing style, "boiling in caldron in hand-made", has been passed down since 1924 until now. Edible palm oil, are boiled all-day long by craftsman, using their 5 senses, sometimes by licking it.
The superb blended pure soap, makes a perfect balance in biodegradablility, not to harm environment.
- 创业大正13年。沿用传统的大锅烧制法。
- Make It Simple
Soap has long history, and people have trust in its safety, SOMALI contains only vegetable oil and natural mineral. No synthetic surfactant, no harm to your hands. It's so gentle to the person who have rough hands.
- 除去多余的部分,追求真正的单纯。
肥皂洗洁精“SOMALI”用的是最基础的材料做成的肥皂为原材料,再配以植物油和天然矿物质。 以降低对皮肤的刺激。不含合成表面活性剂的SOMALI洗洁精,不会渗透至皮肤里,不论是皮肤或是其它纤维,只需用水冲洗即可脱落。所以非常适合敏感性皮肤。
- 5 Disuse
A pure soap is only made by vegetable oil and natural mineral. SOMALI only contains natural resources, including aroma, hight-quality like cosmetics.
- SOMALI的5个不使用
合成表面活性剂 / 合成香料 / 合成色素 / 防腐剂 / 石油提取物
- Natural As It Is. That's What "SOMALI" Makes It Unique
Different color in a lot. SOMALI uses the aroma oil from oranges as natural as it can be.
Each ingredients have their personalities. Everytime it's made, the color varies everytime. But the effectiveness is stable. So they don't force it to be the same by using artificial colorant. Every people differ, so as "SOMALI". They value their uniquness. It's safe to a baby, so you can use it in your daily life.
- 极近天然,所以独特的SOMALI
- Natural As It Is. That's What "SOMALI" Makes It Unique